Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Panting Like a Dog on a Louisiana Sidewalk

I am busy this week. REALLY busy. All the things going on are good and not even particularly stressful things, just a whole heap of things. I feel "winded" internally. Almost like my internal tongue is hanging out and I need a good glass of water and a fan, or like I need somewhere to just sit down, settle down and get up refreshed.

We're headed into a series at Southland called "Boomerang". It's going to be a lot of fun and talk about some practical yet impactful stuff. The first week is about getting refreshed from refreshing others. Isn't God good? He lets us benefit when we benefit others. Doing good feels good. Doing good also helps us get over ourselves and stop thinking about our concerns, our fears, our "stuff" and just do something that matters for someone else.

So while I'm panting like a dog on a Louisiana sidewalk internally this week, I'm thankful. A lot of what's making me "winded" involves doing things for my family (like going on a field trip tomorrow - eek!) and encouraging people. I know two things: I will sleep well this week (because I'll be exhausted), and I will have done some eternally important things - not because I'm so great, but because God gives me the option to do things for Him, to follow Him, obey Him, and in all of it to know Him and His love for me more. Good grief He's a good God!

Who needs a glass of cold water from you this week - or a breath of fresh air given to them by your service or your encouragement? There's probably at least one small thing (and those are usually the biggest things!) you can do for someone else this week.

For those of us who are married, maybe it's doing something for your spouse you used to do when you first dated like flipping up his windshield wipers. Yeah, that's right. Nothing flirts like raised windshield wipers! Some of you know this and you are laughing right now...I hope. Otherwise, the weirdo I am has just been publicly confirmed! In all seriousness, what little thing could you bring back this week from early in your relationship? Or, if you're not up for that, what could you start to pray for your spouse this week?

What if our lives were like lemonade stands giving refreshment on a hot day - except that instead of receiving money for the lemonade, we received refreshment ourselves? Somehow, some way - like someone brings you a blizzard. Yes, I'm talking about blizzards again. (Random info: Dock's birthday is this week so he got the buy one get one free birthday blizzard coupon. All his text said today was, "I got the buy, one get one free blizzard coupon. You in?) Uh, yeah. Butterfinger here I come!

So back to the upcoming series at Southland; it's going to be great. Get a head start and be thinking about what you could do to refresh others even before you hear the sermon...embrace your inner over-achiever and go for it! The revolving door of refreshment is just waiting for you to walk in. Pet the dog on your way out.